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Posted on 3rd May 2021

Business is never really good or bad “out there.” Business is either good or bad right between your own two ears.
The real opportunity for success lies within a person’s ambition and not in the job. It is easy to get to the top after you get through the crowd at the bottom, so success is a journey and the most practical, beautiful, workable philosophy in the world won’t work – unless you do.

Ambition is the fuel necessary to keep the human engine running so discipline yourself to do the things you need to do when you need to do them, and the day will come when you will be able to do the things you want to do when you want to do them!

What you get by reaching your destination is not nearly as important as what you will become by reaching your destination so ambition gets you going and habit gets you there making ambition a habit you will get there more quickly and have more fun on the trip.

The basic goal-reaching principle is to understand that you go as far as you can see, and when you get there you will always be able to see farther. You are the only one who can use your ability. It is an awesome responsibility. Ambition, fuelled by compassion, wisdom and integrity, is a powerful force for good that will open the doors of opportunity for you. If we don’t start, it’s certain we can’t arrive.

Without ambition there is little you can learn from doing nothing.

The life you want
Posted on 26th April 2021

The trouble is most of us don’t know just what we want well apart from having loads of money and loads of freedom to have the life we want.

Then once we have decided what we want we say that it’s too late to start today so we will start tomorrow, better still next Monday.

The day comes along and you are just going to start when someone says have you forgotten! Then reals off a whole list of jobs that makes it impossible to start your new life today.

And so it goes on until one day you look back and say to yourself WTF went wrong? how did life get in the way.

It’s so easy to let life get in the way but at the same time it’s also so easy to make that decision to start now in this moment to incorporate the new way with the old every minute of the day pushing the old out by making new decisions now that will make.

The life that you want in the future.

Posted on 19th April 2021

There are many opportunities for anyone to achieve success in their lives! Yet most people never give themselves a chance, because they never set their goals in the first place!

They are blind to what is all around them, but once they set their goals opportunities start to appear in front of their eyes, I will give you an example.

Have you ever been in a car showroom and looked at a make or model in a colour that you had never seen before? Yes we all have, then for the next week we see the exact same car traveling about in abundance, yet we had never seen one before that day.
Now is it time that you made up your mind to get one of whatever you want, so, if the opportunities are in abundance making up your mind to have, be or do whatever you want in life is the next step.

So, don’t let the next opportunity pass you by like it has done with the 98% of people standing in front of you.

A great antidote
Posted on 12th April 2021
Take two brains and one portion of logic.

I feel like the odd one out most of the time but that’s something I have lived with all of my life, but I am sure there are plenty more like me who feel they have been through a process of someone trying to brainwash them or maybe we are just being lied to, well what’s the difference.

Luckily we have 2 brains, one in the head that takes the main force when being attacked and the other one which is the gut that is more protected as it’s just an instinct and instinct can not be fooled like the brain in the head.

Instinct will keep on asking the main brain in the head to double check what it has been told, double check the science, double check the facts and if all that fails and your gut is still telling your main brain that something doesn’t add up then double check history.

Warning, you know that logic is in very short supply when you are told to stand 6 feet apart when waiting for a plane but then you are told to sit next to someone for the next 3 hours.

Mind over Matter…..
Posted on 5th April 2021
my first book
I first bought the book in 1986

Don’t ever say ‘I could have’ or ‘I should have’ ‘Don’t be frightened to become a Millionaire.

I found out only after we had become millionaires in the 80’s that the only way that we had achieved it was because we got off our backsides and did something, anything that we were capable of doing, then some more, ‘every hour of every day, and what kept us going was that our goals and rewards were much bigger than the hurdles that were put in our way to prevent us obtaining them.

Keeping our eyes and ears open for opportunities that just seemed to be everywhere if we looked for them, we have always had the passion and desire to look for and seek out deals where there didn’t appear to be any; we didn’t know or realise that at the time, we were on a journey of highs and lows, and everybody knows that a journey of 1000 miles starts with one small step. That’s where we all procrastinate so very often, we will not make that first step until someone pushes us to do it or the pain is so great then you become fearless.






Describe a can’t.
Posted on 29th March 2021
Well you can’t, but it’s easy to describe a can as they come in all shapes and sizes so can is a positive and can’t is negative.

So, that leaves your mind totally free to say I can, I can have be and do virtually anything in my lifetime that I want to do. Now that’s the easiest part, the hard part is in deciding what you want to be have and do.

I hear people say there are so much choice and so little time to do it all, that’s if you want to do 20 things and if that’s the case put 19 on hold and focus on the one, but just remember not to have conflict with the other 19 by saying “I want to but I can’t”.

Before the World Wide Web came along the choice was pretty simple now there seem to be millions of things to do making procrastination the number one choice for many

Remember if you ever find yourself thinking can’t don’t waste another second of your life on it, just tell yourself that you have made the choice not to pursue that particular thing.

So today focus your mind on the can, do the things that you can do and ignore the can’t.

History repeating itself
Posted on 22nd March 2021
It has took just 301 days to alter the way we all think, it is easy for outside influences to change our brains sometimes in minutes, but the great thing is we don’t all change in the same way and minds once entrenched in one belief can be changed sometimes just with logic.

Having mentors for as long as I can remember and becoming a paid mentor over 10 years ago myself has taught me to stand still, look and listen, for a start look and listen to yourself, your body, and your mind to be able to help others, we have all heard the instructions of put your own oxygen mask on first so you are capable of helping others.

At the moment some people are having the time of their lives, they are on top of the mountain breathing in the fresh air not a care in the world, never had it so good, while others have fallen down a pothole and are now in pitch darkness, panic-stricken unable to breathe, not knowing which way to turn to find just a glimpse of light, two brothers from the same mother yet worlds apart.

As I see the situation unfolding the divide is only just beginning, so I think now after 301 days in, It’s time to reflect, it’s time to stand still and open our minds a bit further than the holiday we all need for instant gratification, what do we value, are we in alignment with those beliefs, this is a great time to reflect with an open mind, is it fundamental that the people that we chose to be around should have similar values to ourselves or could we learn not to be too rigid, maybe give room in our minds for their values as well.

The way we all communicate over the coming days and weeks will have a vital impact on our partnerships and all relationships for that matter, the choice of either being supportive or destructive is ours and so will be the consequences of our actions.

Don’t let history repeat itself in the disguise and belief that it’s a new beginning.

Setbacks in life that spur you on.
Posted on 15th March 2021
My setbacks from an early age were Dyslexia and A.D.H.D they began as far back as I can remember, but of course there wasn’t a diagnosis in the 50’s and 60’s or maybe there was, the words naughty and stupid comes to mind.

Adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a combination of problems that I and many others have, maybe in various forms such as difficulty paying attention, hyperactivity and impulsive behaviour disrupting in the home school, work place or just in general with poor work or school performance, low self-esteem, and other problems follow on as sure as night follows on from day.

In my case it was the combination of having Dyslexia and then the ADHD that really messed me up or so I thought when it came to adhering to the school or the work curriculum as I would question everything with a why, like why is there ph in the word farmersee? As now I realize that the dictionary as written by a dyslexic person who made up peculiar words.

Though it’s called adult ADHD, symptoms start in early childhood and continue into adulthood. In some cases, ADHD is not recognized or diagnosed until the person is an adult. Adult ADHD symptoms may not be as clear as ADHD symptoms in children. In adults, hyperactivity may decrease, but struggles with impulsiveness, restlessness and difficulty paying attention do continue.

great thing for me in having these things has been that I have never been afraid of employing people who were better than me at doing the things that I couldn’t and with ADHD I expanded the business through being hypoactive.

So use what other people perceive as your setbacks and turn them into your advantage.

What is the new Normal?
Posted on 8th March 2021

What is Normal?  Whatever it is, keep away from it, don’t let it get you!

Don't let the flea trainers get you - Neville WrightWhat do I mean by flea trainers, flea training is brainwashing, it’s been around forever but I think there is a new wave of it going around the entire world today.

In the 1970’s we had learned to question everything because we wanted the same lifestyle as others that were better off than us. We gained the ability to be flexible, we changed our attitude with regard to responsibility, we found the power of ‘The answer is yes, now what is the question?  We worked hard to find solutions to the questions but not by going in the same direction as the masses. Once this was learned we started getting incredible rewards.

We now find ourselves today asking more questions than ever before, I would urge everyone to start asking questions as it is very important to understand just what is going on in the world today.

Life has changed, people are rapidly changing out of all recognition, what’s going on? who do you believe? what questions should you ask? Change for good is normal but at the moment things don’t feel good and that’s wrong.

Education has always been a priority for us after breaking free of the flea trainers grip in the ’70s, so, deep dive into education on what you are being told, does it make sense? does it feel right?  Is this what you want? All of these questions I’ve asked myself for the last 50years but the decision we make today will have far-reaching effects on the generation to come more than we can ever imagen.

For us, once rewards came we realised that the effort that was first forced upon us by necessity was all worthwhile. I suppose at this point, if there is any advice that I could give, it is.

Don’t let the flea trainers get you?

– an extract from my book, page 233

We all need motivation to keep going
Posted on 1st March 2021
What’s better motivation than this

Greetings Neville,

I just finished reading your wonderful book.

I have a wall full of business and motivational books, and I don’t know of any told with such heart and conviction.

It was an honour to suffer with you the trials of the early years, the pleasure of getting your big house, and the joys of working with your sweet wife and family.

I seethed with you at the stupidity of the bureaucracy and felt the pride of you overcoming your dyslexia.

I felt relief when you were able to see the business out of the recession.

Thank you for openly sharing your journey, I’m sure it will serve as a guide and inspiration to many.

All the best,
Keith West

Can you inspire someone to carry on today

Embrace problems – and solve them
Posted on 22nd February 2021

I think that if anybody wants to be really successful in business they have to be thinking all the time of how to solve problems. Start with the ones you have, expanding from there. In business you don’t have to look very far for problems, they will come looking for you, thick and fast.

An example of this was back in the late 80’s.

One Friday night I got a call from an Estate Agent saying he had a client who wanted to rent a property that we owned and as it was complicated would we be able see him ourselves that night. The client wanted to turn one of our properties into a tearoom/cafe and he wanted to live above it with his family. I said ‘great so I told him that we would to draw up the paperwork, he replied, ‘it’s a bit more complicated than that I need to sell my house before I can move, so I agreed to buy his house.

He said, ‘there’s a slight problem as I’m in arrears with my mortgage the house will be repossessed next week if I don’t pay £3,000 by this Monday, so could I give him the £3,000 and take it off the price of the house when we buy it?’ I said, ‘of course’.

Thanks that’s great he said but there’s another problem I cannot sell his house for 3 months. He bought his house cheap as a sitting tenant and if he sold it before June, it was April, he had to pay back the discount he got’. I said, ‘that’s fine and rang the agent, we’ll organise the paperwork and then complete in the June’, the Agent said, ‘that’s not legal so you would have to take it on trust’. I said, ‘ok’.

The Agent then said has he told you there’s a further problem he’s getting married in a week’s time and he needs £1,500 to pay the caterers on Wednesday or they won’t do the catering’. I said, ‘I would pay the £1,500. I said would there be anything else that’s a problem? Ha! Ha!

He said yes there is another thing, before I get married on Saturday I need to get divorced but my wife will not sign the paperwork unless she has £3,750’. I said, ‘ok, so as I see it I am going to buy a house in three months’ time, I am going to give you £3,000 for the arrears, £1,500 for the wedding catering and £3,750 for the ex-wife they both said, ‘yes, that’s it’.

I said, that’s fine on one condition. ‘I will also give a year’s lease valued at £11,000 for the commercial property that you want and take it off what we agree the house is worth’.

Problems, what problems.
Business Changes Every Day
Posted on 15th February 2021
“Wrightway Decorating”

We started our Window Cleaning 26th September 1974, then, in just one year what we were doing had changed out of all recognition as we had moved onto being a Decorating and Property Maintenance business so we thought it better have a name so, Wrightway Decorating was established.

Then over the next few years we realised that name wasn’t conducive to what we were now rapidly getting into, which was buying renovating and selling our own houses, along with the thought of building a large portfolio of Commercial premises so, we needed to review the name again.

“Marville properties”

With the business being a 50-50 partnership Marville properties became our new name which came out of Marilyn and Neville, then adding on the end with a tagline of residential and commercial investments.

We had traded properties from 1975, buying and selling one or two at a time, we started to go into estate agents and ask what they had in our price bracket at the time, they would bring out 6 or 8 properties at a time and we would bid for them all.

I would make ridiculous offers on all 8 properties even though I had not seen inside them, the price of a virtual rebuild, thinking any condition above this was a bonus.

I used to be thinking there was no way that all of these people would accept my offer but just in case they did I was confident enough that I would find the money from somewhere and the chances were quite slim that I would get any at the prices we had offered but if we were lucky then we would probably end up with one, and one a month was good.

Our number-one goal was establishing financial freedom as quickly as possible, but at the time it seemed hopeless to us, but an outsider would have seen it differently, they would have seen the substantial number of properties we were working on at any one time.
Marville was growing but we just hadn’t got to the tipping point of keeping investments; we had properties that could produce 20% income but of course, this would have meant keeping them for 5 years to get our money back, which we couldn’t do.

Sometimes you have to give up what’s good in the short term to get what’s great in the future!

We All change Every Day; that’s life

– an extract from my book, page 171

Use the KISS Principle, Keep it Simple!
Posted on 8th February 2021

‘Keep it Simple!’ This saying is a classic that’s been around forever, and why? Because it’s true – there are lots of complicated things in life and the simpler you can make a business, the better the chances are that it will be around for a long time, and the more valuable it will get.

When it does get valuable don’t be afraid to capitalise on your hard work. I was always aware of this trap. Very often people will work all of their lives and close the business without having thought about selling it. So, if you want to capitalize on your hard work in the future, a strategy needs to be implemented, a 5-10 year plan beforehand so you can sell and then maintain your lifestyle until you pop your clogs.

The 4th letter and word of ‘keep it simple’ is ‘S’ and I am an expert on this😊

The Last ‘S’ is for Stupid!

– an extract from my book, page 73

For years I have asked people to answer this question in 5 seconds
Posted on 1st February 2021
Which one would you pick? 1 million pounds cash right now, or 1p today and doubled every day for 31 days?
Answer now - 1 million or 1 penny?

Just so you understand, without any doubt; on the first day I would give you 1 penny, the next day 2, the next 4, the next 8, and so on. On the eleventh day it would have accumulated to £10.24.

So, which would you take?

Answer now – 1 million or 1 penny?

When it comes to money, lots of people like to keep it, hoard it away for a rainy day, or just because they feel safe seeing their savings in a bank ready for them to live on when they don’t have a job or don’t want to work.

Now think about this; if, after working and saving for thirty years, you find out a thief has been stealing a bit of your savings every week you would be very angry, so why are you not angry about inflation doing the same thing every week?

Inflation is just robbing you so that your money deflates, leaving you unable to buy what you could have just a year ago. So I say that your money is being stolen. Most people don’t see it like that, and, if they do, they don’t understand just what it’s doing to their savings and the diminishing returns they can get on their money.

Another question for you, in 5 seconds please.

Who is the winner when it comes to money?

  • The person who saves their money in a bank?
  • The bank which lends that money to a customer?
  • The person who is the borrower of that money?

The answer, in the vast number of cases, is the person who borrows. You see, different times call for different strategies, but the person who puts their money into the bank, usually to protect it, loses out to inflation in two ways; £100k today in the bank, with inflation, say, at 10% next year, is worth £90k which, in 5 years’ time, will be worth under £62k.

Meanwhile, the person who borrowed their money has an investment worth just over £161k, which they can leverage against, say at 90%; that’s an extra £54k of investment that they can buy and reinvest, making a £215k investment that can buy passive income for them.

At the present time, the net passive income would be £12.5k, plus the appreciating asset would keep up with inflation, whereas the money in the bank would have an income of £500 and would be eroded by inflation.

Money makes money, but only if it is invested with caution. Most people don’t give this a thought.

If you don’t believe me, ask any business person

– an extract from my book, page 185

Oh yes, the answer. A penny doubled every day for 31 days is worth £10.737.418.24 yes you are seeing 10 million, that’s the basics of compound interest.

This One Made Us Millions – Ek Pialla Garam Chaar
Posted on 25th January 2021
‘One cup of hot tea’ my dad told us this when we first started in business. This one sentence, once implemented, made us millions of pounds.
This One Made Us Millions – Ek Pialla Garam Chaar
When my dad was in India in the 1930/40’s, the shopkeepers used to invite people into their shop and then ask if they would like a cup of tea. He said that the process was very, very simple, the tea was a free gift; the hotter the better, it meant the longer it would take to drink, the more time to wander around the shop. The longer you would be there, and the more the shopkeeper would befriend you so everything being equal, if there was something that you wanted, why not buy it from there?

Although my dad told me this on day one of opening our first shop it took something like 5 years for us to implement the strategy, and only when we got our third shop!

The more we gave, the more we received, a win-win situation.

What win-win can you create in your business today?

– an extract from my book, page 219

Life is a Series of If’s in our journey
Posted on 18th January 2021
If I was good at spelling I would have stayed in one job instead of keep running to another.
If the government had given me enough money I would have stayed on the dole for all of my life.
If I could have sold my house I wouldn’t have gone into self-employment.
If I hadn’t been penniless I would not have had the courage to go into business.
If I didn’t set and re-set goals along the way I would have had the fear of losing all our money.

What’s your if’s that have got you where you are today?

Don’t let your financial fears ruin your future?
Posted on 11th January 2021
Don't let your financial fears ruin your future?

Although it can be very hard for most people to risk all of their money, I suppose with never having any real money in my early life and living in a 10 ft caravan had taught me to risk everything to get a better life, we embraced this as a standard that couldn’t affect or hurt us.

This mentality meant the more we got the more we risked, risking everything, with determination to get a better life knowing if we lost we would just go back to living in a caravan and start all over again.

I Mentally Treated my Business as a Game
Posted on 4th January 2021
I mentally treated my business as a game; a competition with imaginary players all competing against me. Losing wasn’t an option.
I Mentally Treated my Business as a Game
If life was harder, it would be easier to make the sacrifices needed to become rich.

Security was my number one priority so all decisions were made with that criterion in mind.

Will this decision take us nearer to, or further from our ambitions and goals in life? As we wanted to be secure in the long run, I repeat, the long run, it didn’t matter about the short run.

So my priority was to prove to myself that I could, so working harder and longer became normal. The more I did, the more I wanted, it was like I was hooked. I just could not stop myself from working, then investing the money into the business without a thought of easing up on myself. Every day push, push, pushing myself and I found that everyone around me did the same.
Goals are a normal part of life, aren’t they? If anybody said no, I would be lost for words; my goals may be different from yours, but the categories should be the same – goals relating to: family, friends, work, money, lifestyle, home, location, hobbies, leisure, food, education, etc., etc., etc.

Goals are like juggling balls – you have to keep practicing; and just because you drop some doesn’t mean that you’re no good. Don’t give up, just do it again. If you have a goal, it means you will have already made an effort. To achieve a goal, you have to give something of yourself – effort – and the more you give to the world in the way of effort, the more the world gives back to you in the form of abundance. But, most of the time, the world tries you! So it often takes a bit longer than expected.

I am where I am because of what I have done in the past. If I want to be somewhere else, it’s simple; I must change and do things differently to alter the future. (This was written before the global re-set was implemented)

What would you change to alter the future?

– an extract from my book, page 76

Having Fun Making Money has not been easy over 2020
Posted on 28th December 2020

I often felt I should be dressed up as a clown to go to work, as my world consists of juggling balls, verbally and mentally spinning plates. If you have ever been to a circus you will have certainly seen the clowns juggling balls and spinning plates.

Elaine Marilyn Neville Joanne 1980’s

Both come to mind in the early days when we started to build both our property maintenance and retail businesses. To be quite honest I probably worried about it more in the early days, but after the excitement set in it became a normal part of growing a business and I can’t say that it ever stops. Or rather, I wouldn’t want it to stop! Metaphorically speaking, after smashing so many plates along the way, we did get a bit cynical, and therefore I ended up using plastic ones….

Every Job Was Another Plate

One plate spinning, that’s fantastic; then another; it’s no problem to get a third one spinning, you cope, you add the fourth. You go back to the first, second, third and fourth but you get ambitious, so you add a fifth, but back you go again to number one. No time to rest, no time for holidays, no time for lunches.

This was us so after a while we were there spinning eight or nine plates. It got easy, we got used to it, it’s so easy thinking we were invincible, piling on ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen but realistically in business to get up to this number quickly you would have to involve the bank.

In the early days we were leveraging our assets with the bank and had no problem giving them everything, including our house; we extended our credit that we had with suppliers; many times. If our suppliers wanted to sell us their surplus stock we would want to pay for it once we had sold it. This amounted to leveraging our souls, which I became uncomfortable with as I liked to pay for goods when we received them, as the other way round is risky business to say the least.

Rob Peter to Pay Paul; Then What?

Every growing business goes through this at some stage, if you know that you will sell more stock, say in January you have to buy it in December, but the supplier wants you to buy in October and pay him at the end of January. Of course there are many scenarios and two are, firstly that you sell the goods by December but take your credit time and then secondly, you find you have used the money on other stock when it comes time to pay. In the event of you not achieving the anticipated sales, panic sets in, and you sell the stock at a loss to make way for new stock, which then leaves you short of money. We were no different, constantly juggling.

Having reps that knew our business, and who knew us personally as friends, could fight our corner so as to provide us with more stock to trade out of the situation. It really would have been hard for us to expand at times, without the faith that everybody had put in us. Many suppliers would give us ten times our insurance limit because of our payment track record, most also knew that we had property that we were not afraid to sell if it came to the crunch. Our suppliers also knew that we had a team around us that understood the business in terms of what the businesses needed to achieve and why, which was found to be invaluable.

Well Done Everybody; Now Let’s Get On to 2021

– an extract from by book, page 221

Mad, Foolish or Dreamers?
Posted on 21st December 2020
Were we mad, foolish, or just two more dreamers? Actually, I think we were all of those things; mad because we had never had any experience of business whatsoever; foolish because we had no money at all when I walked out of that dole office, telling them where they could stick their advice, and yes, we were definitely two of the world’s greatest dreamers.That was 1974 when our dreams of becoming wealthy overnight just disappeared and realistic dreams took their place, thinking of what we wanted to have, to be, and do, in ten, twenty, thirty, or even fifty years’ time took us into a different place as far as our minds were concerned; we couldn’t get upset if things went wrong, because instant, short-term success had gone from our minds.

On top of all that I was a ‘dyslexic‘‘. . I didn’t have any certificates for painting and decorating, so I thought no one would give me work.

Setbacks didn’t upset us; in fact they gave us a boost, propelling us to the next level. We actually thrived on them, whereas we saw others give up along the way after one failure, after seeing others fail we never saw ours as failures; we saw them as just another way not to do things. Imagine if inventors gave up on their first attempt – we would still be in mud huts with no electricity – not too dissimilar to the caravan we lived in at the same time as we became self-employed.

Looking back, I think that it was not a certificate that I needed, it was just confidence.
– an extract from my book, page 38

Passion. Is it Addictive?
Posted on 12th December 2020
All my businesses are built with passion enthusiasm and focus from all of the people involved in them, which is one of the attractions for people that are associated with you, whether it’s through employment or supplying of goods and services or just the people that you associate with that help drive that passion inside of you to become your best you, at the same time, it seems a natural thing to become addicted, but with lots of consequences along the way. I find that the passion in what I am doing can get so addictive that I just keep going, irrespective of everything else in my life. There is a driving force inside of me pushing to challenge and beat myself at what I was doing before. I have always wanted to perform tasks quicker and quicker, always beating my own record, over and over, never stopping, and of course at 70 we (Marilyn and I) have no intention of stopping.Passion in what you do can get you anything and everything you desire in life! This is one of many examples in book. , my mind has never changed.

What’s your definition of Passion in Business?

– an extract from my book, page 71

Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge
Posted on 7th December 2020

From 1966 to 1974 I had just walked into jobs; it was easy, but then the world changed as a recession was upon us, my attitude was all over the place, I thought that – ‘life is not fair’.Not only that, I wanted a job, but at the same time I had disrespected the situation when I had one, this taught me when I became self-employed to be interested in learning new things, as you never know when you will need them, and ever since then I have never stopped learning, every day, without fail learning things, even negative things can teach us so much.

I found that one of the secrets of success is to share knowledge with other people. I have worked in so many places where staff, and even bosses, would not tell anyone their little secrets of how to get the job done more easily or quickly. In my eyes, they were unfortunately insecure; I thought that if they told someone else, that would make their job easier for them, the company, and ultimately, the customer would benefit as there is nothing more infuriating as a customer when no-one knows what to do or can’t make a decision when someone Is not at work.

Whatever business I have had, I have encouraged staff not to be afraid to show others how to do the job. It opens up opportunities for them to expand their own knowledge, and at the same time, become more valuable in the company, freeing them to take on more interesting roles in doing things that they wouldn’t normally have time to do if they had not shared their secrets.

Now, I’m not talking about giving away a secret scientific formula that belongs to the company, only a basic sharing and overlapping with the teaching of jobs to make it more interesting, productive, and inspiring for all. In our Kiddicare business we had staff that thrived on responsibility; they were making decisions themselves without any fuss or delay for the customer.

Don’t Be A Mental Loafer, Neville
Posted on 30th November 2020

I told myself not to be a mental loafer, not even for one moment; so, when people came to work with us my thoughts were that, if they leave, they should go with more knowledge than they came with. Then, I was happy because they had taken notice and been of use to both the company and themselves but, if they left with no more knowledge than they came with, I blamed myself for not inspiring them enough to learn more.

I think the responsibility of Management is to provide a safe and secure job for their workers by helping them create a working environment and life of stress-free happiness, although it’s seldom achieved in the ever-changing competitive world of today; but that must be the aim and, although our business seemed to change every day, it was always with the thought of these principles, striving to make a better place to work in.

I can hear some people saying, ‘what a load of old ????’, but there you are, staff didn’t know everything that we were thinking in our hearts and heads.

Is success something you are born with?
Posted on 23rd November 2020

I think you’re born with success inside of you, but the environment you are born into has a large part to play in shaping your future, once you recognize and understand that you have an option then you can own the success that you were born with.

Very often people that are born and raised in a poor family do better than people who are brought up in a rich family. They seem to have an overwhelming desire to get themselves, and their family, out of the low-income trap. They strive to become secure in all aspects of their lives, very often accumulating unimaginable wealth.

Mind over Matter or Does it mean Determination?
Posted on 19th November 2020

I found out only after we became millionaires in the 80’s that the only way we did it was because we got off our backsides and did something, anything that we were capable of, then some more, ‘every hour of every day’ Keeping our eyes and ears open for opportunities that just seemed to be everywhere if we looked for them, we have always had the passion and desire to look for and seek out deals where there didn’t appear to be any; we didn’t know or realise that at the time, we were on a journey of highs and lows, and everybody knows that a journey of 1000 miles starts with one small step. That’s where we all procrastinate so, very often, we will not make that first step until someone pushes us to do it.

Don’t say ‘I could have’ ‘I should have’ ‘Don’t be frightened to become a Millionaire

So, just to summarise; for me to get more I had to motivate myself to do more and when I did more, that motivated me even more to have more.

‘Understand and know why you are doing it’

– an extract from my book, pages 21 + 22

Dreams or Goals – what’s the difference?
Posted on 16th November 2020
– an extract from my book of how my mind though in the 70’s pages 17/18 Another one of our dreams was to be financially independent and free of all debts, something that we really did not believe could happen to us. How could it? We had no right to even think like that.

That kind of thinking is common in people telling themselves that they are not worthy to be successful.

Well, we had to force those thoughts out of our heads. We did this over time by telling ourselves that everyone, deep down, has the same opportunities as everyone else; we just had to believe in ourselves and not continually compare ourselves to everyone else. I did this until that deep-seated fear of not being as good as everyone around me had gone. Back then, apart from those things, I personally did not know what I liked; I had to figure that out over time. One thing I learned was to tell myself that the job that I was doing that day was the best job in the world; I had to do the job, so I might as well enjoy it – the day went quickly and it gave me a positive mind.

Everybody has different agendas, priorities and commitments at different times of their lives. Although not all of my dreams come true, a lot more than I had expected did, and many more would have if I had made more effort in that direction, but that’s down to me not seizing opportunities when they appeared.

What are yours?

Get ready for your success in 2021
Posted on 6th November 2020

12 Ways to succeed in 2021

1 You are either going forwards or backwards in life. So, in 2021 constantly drive your mind to always go forward.

I found that the only way to go forward for me has been to get off my backside and do something, anything that I am capable of doing

My Book

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What a lovely, kind man with a great philosophy. So many high street stores could learn so much from this book.

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2 Set goals for 2021 – big ones, small ones, short-term, long-term, minute to minute – even the 50-year goals.

All successful people have goals, it’s so easy to do, so why is it that most people ignore the basics of setting goals

3 Decide to love what you are doing in 2021 – whatever you have to do in life love doing it – you will find amazing opportunities will come your way.

Whatever you do in life never become complacent and never take anyone for granted

4 In 2021 have more pride in what you do – more than you have ever had before in your life.

My Dad my hero. He taught me to have pride in everything that I do

5 Do more in 2021 than you get paid to do, then eventually you will get a lot more for what you do.

To receive more I had to motivate myself to do more and when I did more that motivated me to have more

6 Learn a great deal more in 2021 about what you want to be, do, and have, in fact, make it more than you have learned in the last 5 years.

I told myself not to be a mental loafer all of my life, not even for one minute

7 If you do the same thing today as you did yesterday you will get the same results – if you want different results in 2021, then change what you are doing right now.

You and business should change every day, so embrace it

8 Listen more to others in 2021 that have been there and done it successfully, you may already know what they are telling you but one day you won’t and that’s when you can make a fortune.

Read and listen to non-fiction books, motivational speakers, find a mentor but you must take it in

9 Take total responsibility in 2021, in-fact, you are responsible for everything in your life.

Once I became responsible I had a paradigm shift to success

10 In 2021 focus more on what you desire – in every aspect of your life.

Focus on what you can do today that will build passive income in the future

11 Become more aware of time in 2021, everyone has the same amount of it, don’t waste it as once it’s gone it’s gone.

I must do the most productive thing possible at every given moment

12 Don’t procrastinate in 2021, don’t wait until all the lights are on green before heading for town this year.

Just get on and do it, yes, do it now

– an extract from my book, The Answer is Yes Now What is the Question by Neville Wright

If only, I had done that
Posted on 2nd November 2020

I believe that when people are young and full of energy they must work every hour they can regardless of the amount of reward they get. There are lots of people who would dispute this –they say ‘why should I work for a pittance?’ My answer is that a pittance is better than nothing, if you think about it, every hour that you don’t work when you could is taking you further from your goals in life, well, that’s if your goals include being wealthy forever. I used knowledge from one job to get to the next job. Don’t be afraid to change jobs because you will find something incredible that you would not have if you had just waited until the right job had come along. And, what if it is not the right job, then what? Don’t waste time doing nothing.

From the moment we started our business there hasn’t been a wasted moment. I advise everyone to get out and live, prove to yourself, and I really do mean prove to yourself, that you are worth something. Don’t go with the crowd, grasp life, it’s the only chance you will ever have, don’t let it go, don’t let yourself down, don’t be an ‘If only, I had done that‘ type of person.

– an extract from my book, page 15

Audio Release – The Answer is Yes Now What is the Question
Posted on 31st July 2017
Audio Release - The Answer is Yes Now What is the QuestionAudio Release – The Answer is Yes Now What is the Question

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Thank you Jay Britton, narrator and well known UK voice actor and the, audiobook creation exchange, for helping me to achieve another life-time goal.

‘There is lots of emotion, highs, lows, how to succeed – my dyslexia and ADHD is highlighted as you listen. Due to this I often get sidetracked and have to go back to the original part of the story; again, this is highlighted. I also use some unsavory words, not in a malicious way merely showing my frustrations when not everything goes my way. The book took me just over three years to finish.

If anyone has any comments, feedback or questions please feel free to get in touch.