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Mentoring by Neville

Just a few of my mentors

DadA.C.D Wright
My dad taught me so much “I should have” “just do it” and “push yourself” were just three of the many phrases
Zig ZiglarZig Ziglar

Zig said, “you can get everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want”
Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali
Ali said, “If I was a garbage collector I would be the champion garbage collector of the world. He changed my life with that one sentence.
Albert JonsonAlbert Jonson

“He taught focus, consistency meticulous attention to detail and pride” and how to be in harmony with life.
Arthur DyeArthur Dye
Arthur put the thought into my head of don’t ever be afraid of speculating, whether it’s with my time, effort or money, “Speculate to accumulate”. He had an “I can do that” mentality.
Cyril ShortsCyril Shorts
Cyril taught me to love what I do, to be consistently honest with myself and only deal with people that truly had my welfare in the deal.

Mentoring by Neville

NevilleThis part of the website has been set up to offer help and advice primarily, but not exclusively to people in business.

Using my unrivalled experience in all aspects of business and investing over 100 million pounds in businesses of all sizes as well as starting many businesses with Marilyn my wife.

Along with our girls Elaine and Joanne who naturally came into the business, that motivated us to grow businesses to the point where they would be worth more to others than to us, enabling us to sell some of them to eager buyers, then along the way with an increasing family, Scott and Andrew our son in laws joined us on our business journey which was another step in enabling them to eventually start their own successful businesses which they have today.

An example
We created a World Class business which we started from nothing in 1977 which was the children’s store Kiddicare, selling the first one in 1980 going on to build 2 more, then selling them separately again as going concerns, then in 2011 we sold the 4th shop for a staggering sum of 70 million in cash a business that had been perfected with the knowledge which we had gained from building and selling the other 3 shops.

A world record price for an Independent Nursery store that was still owned by Marilyn and myself as sole traders, it made us smile when it came to signing the paperwork as nobody could believe that we were not even a Ltd company.

There are so many aspects of business or just life that people want another person’s opinion on, the best place to get this from is mentors, but I would say only from the ones that have been there and done similar things that you are doing, possibly showing you how doing it in a different way, so making the process on the way to building a great business or a better life easier for you.

Having considerable board experience I am in a position to give help and advice to a large number of different individuals and companies alike.

The idea behind mentoring is simply to help people who own or manage a business to succeed in their chosen area by offering a realistic sounding board whereby owners and leaders can discuss their issues and opportunities with a seasoned and unbiased person.

What will we talk about
  1. Business ideas and strategy
  2. Financials
  3. Motivation/development
  4. Recruitment/staff issues
  5. Boards and governance
  6. Technology
  7. Operations
  8. Marketing and sales
  9. Contract/negotiation
  10. Buying/Selling businesses
  11. And much more

I have particular skills and ability to get to the important points or issues very quickly, however uncomfortable these issues may be.

Where I am able to improve the strengths and tackle the weaknesses directly I will do so, but also I will advise where other individuals or companies can add specific help or resources to solve the problems or take advantage of opportunities.

In summary, I am offering you and your company my wide experience that I have gained from every day over my 70 years.

Please get in touch for details of my fees on 07899866201 or

Tom Flowers
Cricket Coaching
Telephone: 7815647892

Neville was extremely helpful In helping me to take a step back and trying to view my business more objectively and holistically something that had not happened previous. His insight and business knowledge is 2nd to none, whilst his drive to constantly get better underpins his business philosophy clearly and is infectious.

“I would recommend highly Neville as a mentor to your business.”

Pete Rushmer

I recently spent the afternoon with Neville. It was a fantastic investment of my time. Neville shared his experience freely and listened carefully to my story and about my business. His guidance, support and ideas were of huge value to me. It really helped give me clarity of focus and direction to push forward. I would recommend Neville to anyone looking for business support, advice or mentoring.’
Many thanks Neville


As a mentor Neville is unlike many other mentors I have worked with in the past. He sees the business world in a far wider spectrum than simply a set of numbers and processes. Although the component parts of business are important and things we discuss; it is his creativity, attention to detail and ability to see how the customer thinks that make such a difference. He is always questioning what things can be done better, what can be improved to make the customer journey better on a daily basis that make the sessions so worthwhile. He is inspiring to be around and I always leave our sessions with a clear motivational message. I would recommend Neville as a mentor and business coach. As Neville says’ you have to be in it to win it’.
Kind Regards,


Jeannette Linfoot Associates

‘I first met Neville when I heard him speak at a property event and I was immediately inspired by his story and the incredible things he and his wife Marilyn have achieved in business and in their personal lives. Neville has a natural charm, openness and humility about him that far underplays his achievements. Neville is a natural mentor, not only because of his business knowledge and experience, but also due to his incredible intuition. His ability to read situations and people allows him cut to the core of any problem and offer pragmatic and practical solutions. Anyone that is lucky enough to spend time in Neville’s company will walk away feeling refreshed, energised and ready to reach for the moon’ – Jeannette Linfoot, Founder Jeannette Linfoot Associates, Co-Founder Busfoot Property and Host of Brave, Bold, Brilliant Podcast.

Best Regards


What are the benefits of having a Mentor/Coach?

For specific things, there are people who need a Mentor and for others, they need a Coach, but I have found in business most people would like the experience and combination of both. They want mentoring not only to get new ideas from the mentor but also to stimulate their brains to come up with ideas of their own on how to improve everything in their lives, and a coach to encourage push and nurture them to develop those ideas through to success.

The difference lies mainly in what you are trying to achieve and the time scale.

A mentor will ask questions, advise you and encourage you to think. The coach will tell you and show you how to push yourself to win. A combination of the 2 will give you the best of both worlds.

The mentor
  • Provides advice and support, based on the wisdom they have gained through experience.
  • Is an expert in helping someone to learn, helping them to reflect and to make decisions for themselves.
  • Is mainly concerned with the longer-term acquisition of developing skills and attitudes in life.
The coach
  • Seek either to build someone’s confidence or teach them the skills or knowledge, so they can achieve their goals.
  • Are often (but not always) an expert or specialist in the skills that the coached wants to learn.
  • Is mainly concerned with the short or medium term improvement of performance and development of skills
The student
  • Must be willing to listen and act upon suggestions or instructions.
  • Must not reject help or say it’s wrong.
  • Don’t waste your Mentors/Coach’s time or your own, every second counts.
  • If you’re not interested in some parts… make yourself interested.

Having a mentor allows you to increase your odds in every aspect of your life to become incredibly successful, to give birth to a new venture or rekindle your true love for your business if you have lost your passion for it along the way.

As I see it having a mentor also improves your chances to see your projects succeed. Mentors help to eliminate stress and facilitate clear thinking, It’s also known that mentors can bring a lot of rewards to whoever listens and acts on their advice.

Can you afford not to be mentored?


Learning new things every day for the past 70 years and then putting the knowledge into practice, condensing the things that work, teaching it to others is my passion.

I always encourage people to take their luck as is comes, to fit themselves to it by seeing the opportunities that others around them don’t see.

Most people see dyslexia and ADHD as obstacles, I see them as advantages, forcing me to find alternative paths through life and business.

Being dyslexic meant that I could not achieve my dreams and goals without help, so employing others was the only way whereas most people that go into business are afraid of employing others, I just took it as normal practice, eventually employing 125 full-time staff in one shop.


I have a vast amount of experience that has come through working in so many different businesses over the years along with having an open mind, embracing things when they move and change. As this is normal in life having this mindset has enabled me to build and sell some great businesses, making lots of people multi-millionaires in the process.

Seeing people along the way digging their heels in to stay the same when their business has to change or go under is sad, especially when they won’t seek any type of advice or mentoring. Some people see mentoring and business advice as expensive, they do not trust that their hard-earned money will get a return which is understandable as they think that they are putting good money onto bad.

They need to take a look at the mentors long-term history of what they have achieved and ask them why they are helping others, that is always a good indication of if their input will help your business and you.

I have a quick and curious mind, I like to get an understanding of where a business is when I first go into it, I am always interested to learn why the owners do the things they do, then I have no hesitation in advising people to give up or push on, on projects that really don’t appear to be working for whatever reason. I am always keen to help and encourage everyone to move on to something that could be more rewarding not only in terms of income but for other reasons such as a better life overall for everyone concerned.

Need a review of your business? A sounding board? Mentoring? Or just an hour to make a difference to your business? Get in touch.

Mentor or Coach - Neville Wright

You will increase your awareness of business, communication and life

Life skills

This is often left out when you have mentoring or coaching, you must invest in yourself, both mentally and spiritually because without the feeling of well-being and serenity it will make your goals harder to reach.


A good mentor/coach will pass on detailed knowledge of their industry and business.


Contacts alone are worth their weight in gold, it will have taken the mentor/coach many years to establish them which you will have instant access to.

Supply chain understanding

Understand how to treat and work with a supplier for a win-win outcome.


A good mentor/coach will provide you with a clear vision and goal.

Working in unison

Working with a mentor/coach means you are not alone. Often people feel as though they are up against the world and they are alone in business.


Understand how to save money and learn where you can reduce the costs.

Improve your performance

Learn how to increase your performance and optimise your time. Get it right the first time and find the right solution to what you want to achieve

Understand your business situation

Get an honest opinion on the status of your business and how you want to grow it.

Business start-up advice

Start with the end in mind and be aware that as your business grows you will need to have an overview of the different departments whether it be accounting, buying, selling, locality etc.

Have you bought or sold your Business Today

NevilleVery early on in business I learned that every day you are either buying or selling your business. So, at the end of each day as I made my way home I would ask myself this question, have I bought, or have I sold the business today? In other words, has what I have done today increased the value or decreased the value of the business?

Then I would go over all the things that I had done in the day that I thought had improved the business to make it more valuable to anyone looking to buy a business like mine.

I would also question myself on the things that I had done to decrease the value, so, if I have not increased the value then I am buying it myself and is that what I want?

If your business by the end of the day is exactly the same as when you started in the morning, you are starting to lose out, you are buying it because situations in your business haven’t moved forward; someone else has taken a tiny piece of your business away without you knowing about it, and with your permission therefore in doing so, you are helping them to sell their business and you don’t even know who they are until it’s too late.

It is easy to lose the passion when things are going well. Having an abundance of money is nice but, if you get complacent and forget your business, thinking it will take care of itself, you will be mistaken. Businesses don’t run themselves; yours may coast for a little while after you have stopped working on it but, as sure as eggs are eggs, the business will crack and inevitably it will have broken beyond repair.

Now, it’s immaterial whether your goal is to eventually sell, or just to keep it forever, by the way, nothing lasts forever, things just evolve and If you try to keep the business the same as it was when it started, you will be driving it into the ground, failing to produce enough income to sustain a lifestyle that you would like until you die.

You don’t have to sell your business, but if you were to just work on the business then you will be ready to sell at any time as when an opportunity appears you will be glad that you spent the time and effort on the preparation.

Some tips
I ask myself every day: What am I doing with my business? Is it good or bad, is it right or wrong? Am I going nearer to or further away from my goals and my heart’s desires?

What are you doing with your business today?


This guy is the real deal!

Neville is an excellent mentor for anyone thinking of starting or indeed already in business.
He is extremely generous with his valuable time and is a fantastic role model in showing how to go about practically doing what needs to be done to achieve your particular goal.
I have found Neville to be very approachable, open and giving in sharing his thoughts and experiences when mentoring and he always returns correspondence quickly.

God Bless you Neville

Leigh Ashbee
Grandeur Property
Progressive Property

Neville’s success has clearly been driven by some very simple principles that in this age we have so easily forgotten.
Attitude is everything! Any time spent with him will reinstall the fact that all business is about relationships and people. Neville is an incredibly open and candid person. He says it the way that it is and is probably the most REAL entrepreneur that I have ever met.
The enthusiasm is truly infectious and I feel refreshed, invigorated and more hungry to succeed than ever. I have concreted my belief that determination and a “can do” mindset are vital and that this is only up to you.
If you want to be inspired then look no further than Neville for guidance.
The truth is that you can choose to enjoy whatever it is that you are faced with. Grateful for everything.

I am and will always be very grateful for meeting Neville and Marilyn.

Shaz N (AA Accountants)
aa chartered accountants
Telephone: 01733 555667

Neville has a wealth of experience. He started out as a window cleaner and has gone from strength of strength. He sold Kiddicare to Morrisons for 70 million. That doesn’t happen by chance. If you are looking to scale your business then Neville can definitely help you. He has been there and done it. He will save you all the pain, mistakes, time, money and effort – that’s called experience and wisdom. Neville has both.

Ryan Donovan
Donovan property group
Thinking out loud

Neville has in depth knowledge around life and business, he has helped me with my own internal battles providing me with his time, empathy and experience which has been invaluable to me. Neville’s advice and support has helped me in my personal development which is enabling me to grow and expand my business. Neville has a natural ability to make people feel comfortable, his non-judgemental personality allowed me to speak freely and openly. I have never met anyone more approachable and would advise anyone seeking mentoring, coaching and business advice to contact Neville.