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The mindset of a seriously successful Entrepreneur

Mind over Matter…..

I found out only after we became millionaires in the 80’s that the only way we did it was because we got off our backsides and did something, anything that we were capable of, then some more, ‘every hour of every day’

Keeping our eyes and ears open for opportunities that just seemed to be everywhere if we looked for them, we have always had the passion and desire to look for and seek out deals where there didn’t appear to be any; we didn’t know or realise that at the time, we were on a journey of highs and lows, and everybody knows that a journey of 1000 miles starts with one small step. That’s where we all procrastinate so, very often, we will not make that first step until someone pushes us to do it.

Don’t say ‘I could have’ ‘I should have’ ‘Don’t be frightened to become a Millionaire
So, just to summarise; for me to get more I had to motivate myself to do more and when I did more, that motivated me even more to have more.


My Personal Biography.

Hello, my name is Neville Wright, I am the author of The Answer is yes Now What is the Question, how I turned 37p into 100 million pounds. It’s my true story that I want to share with as many people as possible as I believe it will motivate and inspire others to do the same as I have.

Most people who read the title don’t believe it can ever be done, if someone had told me about this book 50 years ago I would have said that it is impossible, impossible because I had been brainwashed by people who I thought were better than me, people that were calling me stupid, four eyes, specky eyes, goggle box, idiot, useless, and spastic, tears are flowing from my eyes now, not for me although I still feel the pain but for the kids that are going through the same shit today that I was going through some 60 odd years ago, mentally beating them into submission that they are useless and will never amount to anything.

So, if you are a guardian parent-teacher or onlooker please have some understanding that not everyone can see what you can see, go to my website and look at the dyslexic section to understand what I am talking about that makes some kids different. DYSLEXIA SIMULATION

Back to the Biography

I was educated at the elite prestigious School of hard knocks and for a time attended The “Lincoln Road for Boys School” in Peterborough (majoring on Social Hierarchy). I went on to further education (not limited to or in any particular order). Farming (specialising in the production and rearing of livestock). The automated production facilities in the food industry. Health and Safety, Time and Motion. Land re-engineering and Reclamation. The production process of diesel engines. The Ministry of Defence (storage reserves and distribution of jet fuel in the event of war). Installation of electricity to communities and farms (for the first time). And much more.

Then finally becoming responsible for myself and family at the age of 24 by establishing a property maintenance business (window cleaning), expanding after 3 years, adding retail to our growing business. Then over the next 34 years of creating and selling 3 retail Nursery businesses as we were climbing to the top to become the largest Independent Nursery business in the UK, and once again selling this fantastic business to Morrison’s Supermarket chain for 70 million in cash, a  world record price.

The property business which was started in 1974 is still going strong today and still under the same ownership of myself and Marilyn. We have built many other businesses which are still running today or have been sold along the way, putting myself in quite a unique position to advise other people about business and related things.

While finance is my core competence, my main strengths are in strategic thinking, analysing the key drivers of business, and in working out what makes individual people and groups perform.

Any conversation with me is likely to produce new ideas and new ways of approaching both problems and opportunities.

More seriously successful entrepreneurs

Jack Ma, originally Ma Yun, (born September 10, 1964, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China), a Chinese entrepreneur who was head of the Alibaba Group, which comprised several of China’s most popular Web sites, including the business-to-business marketplace and the shopping site
Lord Alan Michael Sugar is a highly successful businessman and a media personality famous for the TV show The Apprentice.  Lord Sugar was knighted in the 2000 New Year Honours for services to the Home Computer and Electronics Industry.  He holds two honorary Doctorates of Science, awarded in 1988 by City University and in 2005 by Brunel University.
Deborah Sonia Meaden is an English businesswoman who ran a multimillion-pound family holiday business (caravan park), before completing a management buyout.  Deborah is best known for her appearances on Dragons’ Den.
Duncan Walker Bannatyne, OBE, is a Scottish entrepreneur, philanthropist and author. His business interests include hotels, health clubs, spas, property and transport but he is most famous for his appearance on Dragons’ Den.  Bannatyne was appointed an OBE for his contribution to charity.

Peter David Jones, CBE, is a British entrepreneur and businessman with interests in mobile phones, television, media, leisure and property.  Peter is the last original panellist on Dragon’s Den.  He was appointed a CBE in the 2009 New Year Honours.  A profile in the Sunday Times Rich List 2013 estimated his wealth at £475 Million.
James Caan, CBE, is a British-Pakistani entrepreneur and television personality.  He is best known as a former investor on Dragons’ Den between 2007 and 2010. He is Chairman of the UK Government’s  Start-Up Loans Scheme, which supports entrepreneurs with funding and mentoring to start their own business.  He initially achieved success in the recruitment industry.  

Theodoros ‘Theo’ Paphitis is a Cypriot-born British retail magnate and entrepreneur. He is best known for his appearances on  Dragons’ Den and as former chairman of Millwall FC.  Theo has made the majority of his fortune in the retail sector.   He is the owner of stationery chain Ryman, the homewares specialist Robert Dyas and lingerie retailer Boux Avenue.