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A great antidote

Take two brains and one portion of logic.
I feel like the odd one out most of the time but that’s something I have lived with all of my life, but I am sure there are plenty more like me who feel they have been through a process of someone trying to brainwash them or maybe we are just being lied to well what’s the difference.

Luckily we have 2 brains, one in the head that takes the main force when being attacked and the other one which is the gut that is more protected as it’s just an instinct and instinct can not be fooled like the brain in the head.

Instinct will keep on asking the main brain in the head to double-check what it has been told, double-check the science, double-check the facts and if all that fails and your gut is still telling your main brain that something doesn’t add up then double-check history.

Warning, you know that logic is in very short supply when you are told to stand 6 feet apart when waiting for a plane but then you are told to sit next to someone for the next 3 hours.