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Listen to my true story – How I turned 37p into £100 million

My Book

Listen to my true story – How I turned 37p into £100 million

My Book



If only someone had told me in my younger years that I was blessed with an unbelievable gift, which was the gift of being dyslexic, then I probably would have endured the tough times that I had in school a bit better by going through school with the thought of, my resilience is just being tested for my success in the future, but sadly that wasn’t the case, and as a result I hated every minute of every day.

In the 50′s and 60′s the condition dyslexia was not known and you were classed as a dunce, hence I left school at 15, not letting the teachers perception of me down by adhering to their teachings that I was stupid, so not knowing how to write my name was a testament to their ability to brainwash the children in their care and that I was one of the idiots, the only use I would have is by being gun fodder in the next war, but in a roundabout way this situation helped to prepare me for my future.


The opportunity came along unexpectedly at the worst time of my life, I say worst but it turned out to be the best because I was so desperate to change, so whatever I did could not make things any worse than they were.


So, the reason for creating this website is to help motivate others who are in a similar position and going through what I was, in enduring the negativity and imagining that they’re not capable of achieving any type of success. I overcame the challenges of no money, no education and no experience to take myself forward to succeed in life, and I am passionate to instil in you that if I can do it then you can, no matter what your circumstances are.

I hope you enjoy the website and please feel free to comment.

To the people that are in business or thinking of taking the leap, If after looking through my website you decide that you would like a review of your business, need some troubleshooting advice, mentoring, or maybe just an hour to get a different opinion then get in touch any fees that I charge goes to charity.

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