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The Answer is Yes – Now What is the Question?

My amazing story of building the largest independent baby shop in the UK will take you on a journey spanning 4 decades. Despite having no money and no education my determination to be the best is highlighted in all 392 pages.  It’s inspirational, motivational and funny.  Now it’s time to engage the mind with my reverse psychology.

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An extract

Born 18 June 1950 youngest of three, if you had to sum me up in a word during those early days, it would be “trouble”.  I only know now the reason why, it was because I was Dyslexic. I didn’t see what everyone around me saw, as every time I blinked my eyes the letters of a word would change places leaving me bewildered, and not knowing how others could understand what was going on with me.

I couldn’t explain what was happening because I didn’t know what or how to explain it, so frustration led me to become, as my mum would say “a little sod”, and of course I did not want to let my mums expectation of me down, and I always managed to bring out the worst in my father who after spending 6 years in the Burmese killing fields had no hesitation of beating the sh*t out of me to make me conform. That couldn’t alter my brain though, my poor mum would be screaming stop hitting him Arthur or you will kill him, at times he came very close to wiping the cheeky smile off of my face forever, yet he was my hero and I loved him so much. He inspired me to work and this became ingrained in me;

My Book - Neville Wright

This photo was taken on February 14, 2011 in the Kiddicare photography studio.

My family from left to right Joanne, youngest daughter with Heidi granddaughter, Scott, son in law, myself, Elaine, eldest daughter and Sophie, granddaughter.  In the middle sits Marilyn, my wife, and the founder of Kiddicare with Charlie, our grandson.

The majority of our friends were connected to the nursery industry, its a natural phenomenon that happens when your life revolves around business, luckily the strong bonds with these people still continue today.

Conversations between family members also revolved around the business.  The business may have changed but the conversations are the same.

On the day we sold the business there were a lot of tears and fake smiles. But, when one door closes another one opens.

The normal day-to-day life that we knew had come to an abrupt end after 36 years that day which seemed like our world had come to an end.  I could never have imagined when working for Kiddicare for 36 years that in the future I would be working on so many unrelated projects not associated with the nursery industry.

Having the pleasure to pursue a career in helping other people to get what they want in life.

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Book Reviews

Inspiring in many ways, as I find that a lot of his tips and rules to become a successful business person can be applied to other goals in life as well. Dedication, hard work, positive attitude, always give more than expected, think outside the box, you have to let go to gain.

Having been bought this book as a present, i couldnt put it down after i started reading this. It is very interesting and compulsive reading, to see how you can accomplish anything from humble beginnings.

This is as good as any other biography I’ve listened to – Elon Musk, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Branson etc. etc. A fantastic account of starting at the bottom and working right to the top. Really enjoyed this and will definitely listen again, a lot to learn here!