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The Answer is Yes – Now What is the Question?

My amazing story of building the largest independent baby shop in the UK will take you on a journey spanning 4 decades. Despite having no money and no education, my determination to be the best is highlighted in all 392 pages.  It’s inspirational, motivational and funny.  Now it’s time to engage the mind with my reverse psychology.

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An extract

from my book page 28

Management Responsibility

I think the responsibility of management is to provide a safe and secure job for their workers by helping them create a working environment and life of stress-free happiness, although it’s seldom achieved in the ever-changing competitive world of today; but that must be the aim and, although our business seemed to change every day, it was always with the thought of these principles, striving to make a better place to work in. I can hear people saying, “What a load of old shit,” but there you are, they didn’t know everything that we were thinking in our hearts and heads.

Some of our lovely staff; this picture was taken around 2007. Many of these people helped me in 2010/11 in my darkest days, and I will always be so very grateful to them for the help and understanding that they showed.

On the shop floor in 2007; another move and the inevitable changes

I always wanted to understand people, why they did things that seemed to hurt themselves, especially when they were successfully going up the ladder. It taught me very early on to help others as you are going up because, with the unpredictable way of the world, you could just find yourself working under a person that you have disrespected in the past, and that wouldn’t do, would it? I have found that there are some people who are motivated in life to help others, but some only to help themselves, and there are people who distrust everyone, even the person that they see in the mirror each morning. (Sad)

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Book Reviews

This is a fantastic read and truly inspirational. From humble beginnings and despite overcoming all manner of setbacks in his life, Neville explains how he and his wife Marilyn achieved incredible success.

What a great story of a family who not only worked hard,but,took the occasional risk and were never afraid to “muck in” and get their hands dirty. I am a great reader and this is one of only a very few books I found difficult to put down.

I thought that the book was really fascinating, and showed what Marilyn and Neville must have gone through during their lives, Not many people would have done it, and writing the book about it must have been very hard. It has made me feel as if I did not put myself through enough to get to retirement.