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Mind over Matter or Does it mean Determination?

Mind over Matter…..

I found out only after we became millionaires in the 80’s that the only way we did it was because we got off our backsides and did something, anything that we were capable of, then some more, ‘every hour of every day’

Keeping our eyes and ears open for opportunities that just seemed to be everywhere if we looked for them, we have always had the passion and desire to look for and seek out deals where there didn’t appear to be any; we didn’t know or realise that at the time, we were on a journey of highs and lows, and everybody knows that a journey of 1000 miles starts with one small step. That’s where we all procrastinate so, very often, we will not make that first step until someone pushes us to do it.


Don’t say ‘I could have’ ‘I should have’ ‘Don’t be frightened to become a Millionaire


So, just to summarise; for me to get more I had to motivate myself to do more and, when I did more, that motivated me even more to have more.


‘Understand and know why you are doing it’

– an extract from my book, pages 21 + 22