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I Mentally Treated my Business as a Game

I mentally treated my business as a game; a competition with imaginary players all competing against me. Losing wasn’t an option.I Mentally Treated my Business as a Game

If life was harder, it would be easier to make the sacrifices needed to become rich.

Security was my number one priority so all decisions were made with that criterion in mind.

Will this decision take us nearer to, or further from our ambitions and goals in life? As we wanted to be secure in the long run, I repeat, the long run, it didn’t matter about the short run.

So my priority was to prove to myself that I could, so working harder and longer became normal. The more I did, the more I wanted, it was like I was hooked. I just could not stop myself from working, then investing the money into the business without a thought of easing up on myself. Every day push, push, pushing myself and I found that everyone around me did the same.

Goals are a normal part of life, aren’t they? If anybody said no, I would be lost for words; my goals may be different from yours, but the categories should be the same – goals relating to: family, friends, work, money, lifestyle, home, location, hobbies, leisure, food, education, etc., etc., etc.

Goals are like juggling balls – you have to keep practicing; and just because you drop some doesn’t mean that you’re no good. Don’t give up, just do it again. If you have a goal, it means you will have already made an effort. To achieve a goal, you have to give something of yourself – effort – and the more you give to the world in the way of effort, the more the world gives back to you in the form of abundance. But, most of the time, the world tries you! So it often takes a bit longer than expected.

I am where I am because of what I have done in the past. If I want to be somewhere else, it’s simple; I must change and do things differently to alter the future.

What would you change to alter the future?

– an extract from my book, page 76