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Describe a can’t

Well, you can’t, but it’s easy to describe a can as they come in all shapes and sizes so can is a positive and can’t is negative.

So, that leaves your mind totally free to say I can, I can have be and do virtually anything in my lifetime that I want to do. Now that’s the easiest part, the hard part is in deciding what you want to be have and do.

I hear people say there are so much choice and so little time to do it all, that’s if you want to do 20 things and if that’s the case put 19 on hold and focus on the one, but just remember not to have conflict with the other 19 by saying “I want to but I can’t”.

Before the World Wide Web came along the choice was pretty simple now there seem to be millions of things to do making procrastination the number one choice for many

Remember if you ever find yourself thinking can’t don’t waste another second of your life on it, just tell yourself that you have made the choice not to pursue that particular thing.

So today focus your mind on the can, do the things that you can do and ignore the can’t.