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Podcast 009# Neville Wright talks to the Million Dollar Sellers Group

Million Dollar Sellers Group (MDS) the First Amazon Seller Verified Revenue Group an exclusive member only driven group that functions like an association, where like-minded and experienced Amazon sellers discuss topics and share tactics.

Podcast 009# Neville Wright talks to the Million Dollar Sellers Group

Jamie Graham, a million dollar seller, recently got in touch after listening to Neville’s book to arrange a mogul call for all the eCommerce entrepreneurs.

I really enjoyed listening to your book Neville, I run a business with my wife and the content gave me lots to think about!   Although we are a relatively small group we are big audible listeners and I know the group would enjoy hearing your story.

‘Neville clearly poured his heart and soul into this book. He goes into so much detail about starting from nothing and building a very large successful business. It’s like spending a weekend at his house and hearing his whole story. I really feel that he wrote this book genuinely from a desire to help his readers get the best from their own lives. Thanks Neville! If you’re reading this then I fully recommend spending a credit on this right away’.

Podcast 009# – in this episode Neville talks about –

  • building a successful team
  • what he looked for when employing staff
  • how to build solid relationships with suppliers
  • being just 1% better than your competitors and the
  • importance of customer service

Available on YouTube

Any Amazon seller that sells over $1 million in revenue can join MDS