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Podcast 010# The Mental Health Revolution Podcast with Neville Wright

The Mental Health Revolution podcast will educate and inform you on how predictable and easy to understand mental health really is, how we can LEARN how to thrive and eliminate Mental Health issues.

In this episode Kate Ashley-Norman, a thrive programme consultant, highlights the many different ways we are all normal and the importance of empathy and understanding between us all in the many interactions we experience throughout our lives. Neville reflects on his experiences both as an employer responsible for staff and customers and as a child within an education system that viewed him as ‘stupid’.

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‘It was only when I left school that I started to learn’

‘When you realise that someone is on the edge of tipping over you have to do something’

‘People who have come back years later and apologised for their aggressive outbursts’

‘It affects all the staff when one person is upset, it affects everyone for the whole day’

‘We started to train our staff to recognise if they were in the firing line it wasn’t personal’