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Podcast 008# Neville Wright talks Mental Health with Kate Ashley-Norman

The Mental Health Revolution podcast will educate and inform you on how predictable and easy to understand mental health really is, how we can LEARN how to thrive and eliminate Mental Health issues.

Kate Ashley-Norman, a thrive programme consultant, has always been fascinated with Neville’s story from growing up with dyslexia, leaving school at 15 because of it, to starting Kiddicare.  Kate and Neville discuss mental health and the causation and correlation behind why mental health matters and how we can help ourselves, our employees and others, learn how to deal with mental health issues. Mental health is nothing to do with being ill, it’s all about learning the skills to thrive.


Podcast 008# Neville Wright talks Mental Health with Kate Ashley-NormanHow do you approach the way that you deal with the people that work for you?

What you really need to do when hiring is find out what people want to do, what they’re passionate about and what they’re interested in.

What Neville was able to do was find people’s passion and place them where they were best suited. Find their passion so that they love what they do.

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When I was employed in the sixties and seventies no one was around to help with my dyslexia. People and employers didn’t have the understanding of mental health that we do today. So, as a result, when people came along to my business we protected them and built a system for them to thrive. Because I had been there himself – Neville Wright.