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Dyslexia and ADHD


I want to share my true story with as many people as possible as I believe it will motivate and inspire others to do the same as I have, and that’s been to be the creator of my own destiny.

Most people who read the title don’t believe it can ever be done, if someone had told me about this book 50 years ago I would have said that it is impossible, impossible because I had been brainwashed by people who I thought were better than me, people that were calling me stupid, four eyes, specky eyes, goggle box, idiot, useless, and spastic.

I still feel the pain not for me although but for the kids that are going through the same shit today that I was going through some 60 odd years ago, mentally beating them into submission that they are useless and will never amount to anything.

So, if you are a guardian parent-teacher or onlooker please have some understanding that not everyone can see what you can see, please try to understand what makes some kids different from others.

How dyslexia can give you an advantage throughout life.
Podcast 004# Dyslexia Is Our Superpower with Gibby Booth

Theodoros ‘Theo’ Paphitis is a Cypriot-born British retail magnate and entrepreneur. He is best known for his appearances on  Dragons’ Den and as former chairman of Millwall FC.  Theo has made the majority of his fortune in the retail sector.   He is the owner of stationery chain Ryman, the homewares specialist Robert Dyas and lingerie retailer Boux Avenue.

Mark Noble shares his story and tell us how he puts his creavitiy down to his dyslexia

I was diagnosed in 2001. I was struggling with the ‘New Start Course’ at Strode College and discussed this with one of the managers there. I took part in a special assessment and was given the diagnosis shortly afterwards.

I find literacy and numeracy difficult. Some everyday activities like reading bus timetables can be very challenging. The positive thing is that I’m a creative and very visual person. I would say I’m observant and sensitive to light and colour. This helps enormously when studying/producing art.

I have received lots of support and understanding from family and friends. Charities like SANE have helped me creatively. Students from Bath Spa and Strode College have also been supportive.

One of my biggest achievements was being selected by the government to display art at an exhibition in Westminster, celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Disability Rights Act. I’m also proud of the fact that I’ve raised money at exhibitions/arts events for charities such as Children’s World and SANE.

Article copied from Dyslexia Association newsletter


ADHD is the key to finding the jackpot inside your brain.
My A.D.H.D. began as far back as I can remember, but of course there wasn’t a diagnosis in the 50’s and 60’s or maybe there was, the diagnosis was the word “naughty” which comes to mind.

Attention-deficit, hyperactivity disorder is a combination of what some people who haven’t got it would call problems, some of my traits or problems fit very well into a different category to the majority of people. ADHD comes in various forms such as difficulty paying attention, hyperactivity and impulsive behaviour, disrupting in the home, school and workplace, or just in their general life by not concentrating on one thing but spotting other things to do that become a priority at that moment.

With poor work or school performance, low self-esteem and other problems leading to a downward spiral but it doesn’t have to be that way. In my case when I was young, it was the combination of having Dyslexia and then the ADHD that really messed me up because no one around me knew about those things so you were just classed as stupid.

When it came to adhering to the school curriculum or work for that matter I would question everything with a why which helped my enquiring mind but didn’t help others that were trying to get me to sit still and pay attention, but instead of that happening my mind would be going off in all directions and when that happens punishment was the only option.

For me the symptoms started early in my childhood and continue into adulthood but obviously not recognized or diagnosed until I was an adult. Symptoms may not be as clear in children as in adults, hyperactivity may decrease, but struggles with impulsiveness, restlessness and difficulty paying attention may continue and in my case have actually increased because I now have no fear of being beaten.

So, if you know anyone that very often use the word “can’t” frequently or display a victim mentality of I’m stupid, I’m worthless, I don’t want to, I’m afraid to, I don’t know how-to, it’s just my luck, life’s not fare it’s not my fault, the teachers were right when they said I wouldn’t amount to anything, please encourage them to look at these people below.

Richard Branson, Whoopi Goldberg, Daniel Radcliffe, Steven Spielberg, Justin Timberlake, Cher, Octavia Spencer, Michael Phelps, Henry Winkler, Keira Knightley, Jamie Oliver, Lisa Long, Anderson Cooper, Alexander Graham Bell, Mohammad Ali and many many more to look up on the internet.