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Need a review of your business?  A sounding board?  Mentoring? Or just an hour to make a difference to your business?  Get in touch

Some interesting facts about me – I have dyslexia and ADHD – and just to make things more interesting I am a Gemini.  My wife Marilyn says, ‘she got 2 of me when we met in 1966’.

What is the difference between a Mentor and a Coach?

The difference lies mainly in what you are trying to achieve and the time scale.

The coach will tell you and show you how to push yourself to win.  The mentor will ask questions, advise you and encourage you to think. A combination of the 2 will give you the best of both worlds.

The coach

seeks either to build someone’s confidence or teach them the skills or knowledge so they can achieve something

is often (but not always) an expert or specialist in the skills that the coachee wants to learn

is mainly concerned with the short or medium term improvement of performance and development of skills

has a professional commitment to the relationship, and usually has a salary

The mentor 

will provide longer term personal development

provides job or career advice and support, based on the wisdom they have gained through experience

is an expert in helping someone to learn, helping them to reflect and to make decisions for themselves

makes a personal and professional commitment to a learner’s success. The mentors work is his life

is mainly concerned with the longer term acquisition of skills and attitudes in a developing career

The student

must be willing to listen and act upon suggestions or instructions

must not reject help or say it’s wrong

don’t waste your Mentors/Coach’s time or your own, every second counts

if you’re not interested in some parts…… make yourself interested

My mind is constantly racing with thoughts and ideas to improve whatever business I am advising on.  Gemini’s are constantly seeking knowledge and I am no exception; I encourage everyone around me to do the same.

I am driven by curiosity, restless and always on the go.  Human contact and communication are my main traits.  I love activities that help people find their passion in life.

Can you afford not to be mentored?


Learning new things every day for the past 68 years and then putting the knowledge into practice, condensing the things that work, teaching it to others, is my passion.

I always encourage people to take their luck as is comes, to fit themselves to it by seeing the opportunities that others around them don’t see.

My dyslexia and ADHD have been invaluable in my life, and without them, I would not have learned all that I have or been able to have taught so many others when it comes to the principals of business life.

Most people see dyslexia and ADHD as obstacles, I see them as advantages, forcing me to find alternative paths through life and business.

Being dyslexic meant that I could not achieve my dreams and goals without help, so employing others was the only way whereas most people that go into business are afraid of employing others, I just took it as normal practice, eventually employing 120 full-time staff in one shop.

Although ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder it’s not what you are led to believe as most of the hyperactivity is going on internally so you wouldn’t necessarily see it unless you were closely working with the person.  As for the attention deficit, there is none it’s just inconsistent, in other words when attention is necessary it will happen.


I have a vast amount of experience that has come through working in so many different businesses over the years along with having an open mind, embracing things when they move and change.  As this is normal in life having this mindset has enabled me to build and sell some great businesses, making lots of people multi-millionaires in the process.

Seeing people along the way digging their heels in to stay the same when their business has to change or go under is sad, especially when they won’t seek any type of advice or mentoring.  Some people see mentoring or asking for business advice as expensive they do not look at the long-term effects, they do not look at it as an investment which could make a return for them instead of nothing.

I have a quick and curious mind, I like to get an understanding of where a business is when I first go into it, always interested to learn why people do the things they do.  I have no hesitation in advising people to give up on projects that really don’t appear to be working, whether they be for nostalgic reasons or not I’m always keen to help and encourage everyone to move on to something that could be more rewarding.


Having a mentor allows you to increase your odds in every aspect of your life, to be incredibly successful, to give birth to a new venture or rekindle your true love for your business if you have lost your passion for it along the way.

As I see it having a mentor improves your odds to see your projects succeed.  Mentors help to eliminate stress and facilitate clear thinking.  It’s also known that mentors can bring a lot of rewards to whoever listens and acts on their advice.


When I was 24 years old I retired from mainstream employment to become self-employed, maybe because I thought that I was unemployable, as after having 17 jobs it was clear to me that I needed to focus all of my energy into my own life and business.

I developed a property maintenance business, expanding into retail, alongside incorporating buying and selling businesses.  Spinning plates in each of the businesses to keep them going was very intense and educational, juggling finances became an art which I thrived on.

Just how can anyone in our society retire at the age of 24 having no money and no education?  I say, ‘it’s easy for some, all you need is to be in your element so when you find that you are in your element you will never have to work another day in your life.’

I have gone through all the recessions since the big one in 1974, there were some very scary times and indeed more scary moments than anyone could imagine, however, all these life experiences have put me in a position to advise people.

Throughout my 45-year career in business, property investment, retail and building have been at the core of my success, but most people recognise me, and Marilyn, for the sale of Kiddicare, a baby nursery retailer which we started in 1977 and sold for £70 million pounds in cash to Morrisons supermarket in 2011.   A record price for one independent shop in the depths of a recession.

What many people will not know is I had previously sold three nursery businesses, dating back over the last 36 years, plus a variety of other businesses including hairdressing salons, restaurants, large house-building business and a technology company.