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Brave Bold Brilliant Podcast How to Turn 37p into over £100 million !!!

Brave Bold Brilliant Podcast
In this episode, Jeannette speaks with Neville Wright, the co-founder of Kiddicare, business mentor, investor, property developer, author, and motivational speaker. During the podcast, Jeannette and Neville discuss his journey to success and what he learned along the way. They specifically talk about how Neville turned his dyslexia and ADHD into an advantage and used it to work in a way that enabled him to create multiple successful businesses.Neville explains the need to identify what you are good at and excel at that. Then help the members of your team to do the same to get the best out of them. He also talks about why being prepared to take a risk is an essential part of being a successful entrepreneur.
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Neville´s dyslexia and ADHD shut down mainstream paths, which pushed him to work on the fringes, where he found huge success.

Find something that you are good at, in your element and at your happiest and do that.

You need to chase your dreams, not money, then the money will come anyway

A lot of people are afraid of hiring people – don´t be. It’s the most effective way to cover your skill gaps and grow fast.

Explore each staff members interests and skillset, then use what you discover to move them into roles they will enjoy and excel at.

You have to have the right people if you want to expand

Neville promised himself he’d be paying a £1 million tax every year and ended up paying £50 million over the years!

When you haven’t got anything, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you’re too comfortable you won’t go over the mountain and take a chance.

If you focus too much on what you may lose, rather than on what you could gain, you will never take a risk and move forward.

You only have one go at it, don’t be afraid.

Do not disappoint the customer.

Be clear on what you want, do it your way.

World record, selling Kiddicare to Morrisons for £70 million, but this was a sideline not the main thing!

There are stepping stones in your business where you have to make the hard decisions

Everything is in your mind and in your control

Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards, just make sure you’re climbing up the right mountain