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Who is Neville?

You might think that some of the things that you will see on this site have no relevance to making money or becoming the person you want to be, but all I can say is it is what it is and


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Neville Wright – born on 18 June 1950 the youngest of three children to Arthur and Winifred Wright.  I grew up in Peterborough and have remained in the area to this present day.

Unbeknown to me I was a dyslexic in my younger years.  I had a tough time going through school and as a result I hated my time there. In the 50′s and 60′s the condition dyslexia was not known and you were classed as a dunce, hence, I left school at 15 not knowing how to write my name.

Up to the age of 24, I had a string of jobs…..

After losing my job in 1974 during a recession, my wife, Marilyn and I started up in business with absolutely no money and I was determined to provide for my family.

I had become a millionaire by the time I was 34, and now aged 68, when most people would have retired I am a mentor and motivational speaker encouraging others to believe in themselves and helping them to get everything they want in life.

Find out How I started a business for 37p In my book “The Answer is Yes Now What is the Question“, I describe how I made this dream possible.

What motivated me to do this is knowing that I had no money, no education and no experience to succeed in life.  I overcame this and I think that if I can do it anyone can no matter what their circumstances are.

Kiddicare Lifetime Awards

Kiddicare Lifetime Awards – Neville Wright & Marilyn Wright recognised across the retail and... More Details