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Mentoring Testimonials


“Creative, inspiring and motivational. Those are the words I think of after my mentoring sessions with Neville Wright.”

As a mentor Neville is unlike many other mentors I have worked with in the past. He sees the business world in a far wider spectrum than simply a set of numbers and processes. Although the component parts of business are important and things we discuss; it is his creativity, attention to detail and ability to see how the customer thinks that make such a difference. He is always questioning what things can be done better, what can be improved to make the customer journey better on a daily basis that make the sessions so worthwhile. He is inspiring to be around and I always leave our sessions with a clear motivational message. I would recommend Neville as a mentor and business coach. As Neville says’ you have to be in it to win it’.
Kind Regards,



“This guy is the real deal!”

Neville is an excellent mentor for anyone thinking of starting or indeed already in business.
He is extremely generous with his valuable time and is a fantastic role model in showing how to go about practically doing what needs to be done to achieve your particular goal.
I have found Neville to be very approachable, open and giving in sharing his thoughts and experiences when mentoring and he always returns correspondence quickly.

God Bless you Neville

Leigh A.

Neville’s success has clearly been driven by some very simple principles that in this age we have so easily forgotten.
Attitude is everything!

Any time spent with him will reinstall the fact that all business is about relationships and people. Neville is an incredibly open and candid person. He says it the way that it is and is probably the most REAL entrepreneur that I have ever met.
The enthusiasm is truly infectious and I feel refreshed, invigorated and more hungry to succeed than ever. I have concreted my belief that determination and a “can do” mindset are vital and that this is only up to you.
If you want to be inspired then look no further than Neville for guidance.
The truth is that you can choose to enjoy whatever it is that you are faced with. Grateful for everything.
I am and will always be very grateful for meeting Neville and Marilyn.

Robert, Smiths Capital

“Neville has been very helpful when trying to figure out my direction in business. His experience is invaluable for any entrepreneur wanting to progress.”


I attended this morning with slightly negative expectations and I left having had the pleasure of listening to a gentleman telling a beautiful story, naturally delivered, with brutal honesty.

I wish you and your family good health and happiness.

Shaz N (AA Accountants)

Neville has a wealth of experience. He started out as a window cleaner and has gone from strength of strength. He sold Kiddicare to Morrisons for 70 million. That doesn’t happen by chance. If you are looking to scale your business then Neville can definitely help you. He has been there and done it. He will save you all the pain, mistakes, time, money and effort – that’s called experience and wisdom. Neville has both.

Peter R

“The mentoring was fantastic and I came away with loads of ideas.”

‘I recently spent the afternoon with Neville. It was a fantastic investment of my time. Neville shared his experience freely and listened carefully to my story and about my business. His guidance, support and ideas were of huge value to me. It really helped give me clarity of focus and direction to push forward. I would recommend Neville to anyone looking for business support, advice or mentoring.’
Many thanks Neville

Ryan D

“Thank you so much for this advise Neville.”

You put that perfectly. I will take what you said on board. I learn every day so I will try not to be so hard on myself. I have a good starting point and a very strong why coming from a background of much disfunction and then running my own life into the ground, I have turned my life around 180 degrees, so I will continue to strive forward

Kind Regards,

Ryan D