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Investment Portfolio

Casper & Cole Limited

Casper & Cole Limited, the business behind temper, was founded by Neil Rankin, a... More Details


mporium is a mobile native technology company at the forefront of the smartphone revolution... More Details

Wright & Bell

Wright & Bell, inspired by Orville & Wilbur Wright and Alexander Graham Bell, brings a new collection of... More Details

Heidi Estates Limited

Heidi Estates Limited was born out of a chance meeting over a cup of... More Details

Mancetter Square

Mancetter Square covers 120,790 sq ft and is home to some 60+ industrial units... More Details

Darwin & Wallace

Darwin & Wallace founded by Mel Marriott and funded by the Imbiba Partnership is a collection... More Details

Snow Hill

Snow Hill Holiday Inn Express Hotel boasts a prime location in central Birmingham offering... More Details

Vinoteca Limited

Vinoteca is inspired by the wine bars of Spain and Italy, created and run... More Details

Oundle Marina

Oundle Marina was established nearly 60 years ago by creating a cut through from... More Details


Coracle makes it easy for people to integrate learning and development into their daily... More Details

Camm & Hooper

Camm & Hooper was created to revolutionise event space in iconic London buildings.  The... More Details

FIM Services Limited (FIM)

FIM Services Limited (FIM) provides specialist investment products and services in areas of sustainable... More Details

Marville Properties

Marville Properties was founded by my wife and I on 26 September 1974.  It... More Details


EdPlace was founded in 2005 by Will Paterson.   It’s a small company dedicated... More Details


Clevamama is an international award winning company and brand that is very fast becoming... More Details

Beeson Wright Partnership

Beeson Wright Limited was set up in June 2011 as a privately owned partnership... More Details


Yocuda has created the world’s leading eReceipt product and is committed to using it... More Details