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mporium is a mobile native technology company at the forefront of the smartphone revolution which is transforming mCommerce and digital marketing.

mporium Data Driven Marketing Technology & Analytics

mporium’s proprietary technology, IMPACT, enables advertisers and the media agencies that serve them, to achieve better outcomes from digital advertising campaigns.

The patent pending technology allows advertisers to target consumers when real world events stimulate consumer interest, delivering high performing digital advertising campaigns from brand advertising to direct response.  Mobile advertising has proved challenging to both advertisers and media agencies.

In a world where the majority of traffic comes from smartphones, a solution is urgently needed to address the challenge of capturing consumer intent in the moment. mporium is uniquely positioned to address this issue by leveraging a range of data inputs – including TV, news, sports and social media – to deliver sophisticated real-time bidding, timing and creative switching for digital advertising campaigns.  The technology has already been adopted by several market leading media agencies: Jellyfish, Essence and the7stars.

Although the Company is based in the UK, the technology has been used to drive campaigns across the UK and Continental European markets, and management intend to expand across the global digital markets.  Based in the UK, mporium Group plc is quoted on AIM, the growth market of the London Stock Exchange plc.

Why did I invest? I liked the technology concept, it’s pretty standard, and the idea that most businesses don’t do this for themselves.