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EdPlace was founded in 2005 by Will Paterson.   It’s a small company dedicated to empowering parents in their child’s education, covering English, Maths and Science across the National Curriculum in Key Stages 1 to 4.

If your child is looking for a little extra help with a school subject then EdPlace can help through a series of Home Learning Worksheets.   The worksheets are easy to understand and any child can use them.

The Home Learning Worksheets are also a cheaper alternative to hiring private tutors.   They are fun to do and it’s not really like spending extra time in the classroom.  The worksheets can be used as a ‘catch up’ system but also as an added tool when exams are looming.  They make excellent revision aids, keeping skills sharp for SATs tests or GCSE exams.

The EdPlace system also allows a child to learn at a pace that suits them. The worksheets can be downloaded to the PC allowing your child to work through them in their own time.

In 2011 the company changed hands and the worksheets are put together by professional teachers, designed to help all children from those starting in Year 1 to those studying for their GCSEs.

All of the material on the EdPlace website is officially certified by Curriculum Online and there is a flexible payment system in place too.

Free teacher account

With this account, teachers can set unlimited activities for up to 30 students in their class to complete during school hours (9 am to 3 pm). Classroom teachers can also ‘gift’ unlimited, at-home access for 5 students in their class who they feel would benefit from additional support (e.g. Pupil Premium Grant or Free School Meals students).

Here’s a few examples of how the free account can help teachers in the current situation

• Tag activities onto lessons to embed skills and track understanding;
• Use catch-up assessments to establish where students are at;
• Access the GCSE practice papers to prepare for teacher moderated assessments;
• Set SATs practice papers to benchmark students;
• Utilise the accessibility toolbar for SEND students and translation for EAL students;
• Where relevant, work on 11+ skills to reduce the pressure of school entry exams.

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