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The Phoebe Research Fund

The Phoebe Trust Ten year old Phoebe Crowson has Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (RDEB). This is a rare genetic inherited lifelong skin condition in which the skin is fragile and will blister and shear at the slightest touch which causes the equivalent to a third-degree burn.
Blisters are not self-limiting and enlarge unless lanced and drained. It affects other mucosal membranes such as eyes, mouth and oesophagus causing painful blistering and scarring as healing occurs. raw areas are dressed with specialist dressings and can be very painful requiring oral pain relief. To date, Phoebe has undergone six throat stretches and has never had a playtime at school.
Phoebe-Crowson Neville and Marilyn Wright


Networking Garden Party

Networking Garden Party | June 2018 organised by Pilot Fish this event will took place in the garden of  The William Cecil in Stamford, starting at 5pm.

Silent Auction Prizes include ‘shadowing Neville for half day in Peterborough’ and ‘a 2-Hour Mentoring Session’ plus ‘a Maserati for the weekend!’


Supporting The Phoebe Research Fund – A childs fight for a future.Networking Garden Party | June 2018