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Khadija Kalifa Q&A with Neville Wright three top tips for entrepreneurs.

Posted on 23rd April 2020

Entrepreneur and businesswoman, Khadija Kalifa, is best known to the public for being a former candidate on the BBC’s TV show The Apprentice. Founder and CEO of Opal & Pearl, Khadija is a passionate individual that has spent the majority of her business career on a mission to build an empire and successful business in her own...

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Networking Garden Party | June 2018

Posted on 4th June 2018

Networking Garden Party | June 2018 organised by Pilot Fish this event will took place in the garden of  The William Cecil in Stamford, starting at 5pm. Silent Auction Prizes include ‘shadowing Neville for half day in Peterborough’ and ‘a 2-Hour Mentoring Session’ plus ‘a Maserati for the weekend!’   Supporting...

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#1 Amazon Best Seller in Biographies of Professionals & Academics

Posted on 3rd May 2018

#1 Amazon Best Seller in Biographies of Professionals & Academics The Answer is Yes Now What is the Question secured the rank of #1 Bestseller status on today. Thank you to everyone who has listened, read and reviewed my book, the comments have at times been quite overwhelming – I’ve...

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Summit Park | Hampton | Peterborough

Posted on 28th March 2018

Beeson Wright are looking forward to delivering their latest development comprising an exciting new office scheme and Starbucks drive-thru in Hampton, Peterborough. Construction of Summit Park is progressing well with these innovative and modern design offices offering high quality space of 4,300sq.ft, 5,376sq.ft and 9,039sq.ft across three buildings.  Starbucks will...

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The Art of Understanding Money

Posted on 23rd March 2018

At one point in business we owed £1,075M to the bank which amounted to a lot of money back then when it was a lot easier to borrow than to pay back. We had at the time kept most of the properties we had for passive income, however, there...

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12 ways to succeed in 2018

Posted on 12th December 2017

You are either going forwards or backwards in life. In 2018 constantly drive your mind to always go forward I found that the only way to go forward was for me to get off my backside and do something, anything that I was capable of doing – see page 17   Set goals – big ones,...

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Embrace problems – a normal days work for us

Posted on 22nd September 2017

I think that if anybody wants to be really successful in business they have to be thinking all the time of how to solve problems. Start with the ones you have got and expand from there. When you are in business you don’t have to look for problems they...

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Audio Release – The Answer is Yes Now What is the Question

Posted on 31st July 2017

Audio Release – The Answer is Yes Now What is the Question Available to download           audible  |  amazon  |  iTunes Thank you Jay Britton, narrator and well known UK voice actor and the, audiobook creation exchange, for helping me to achieve another life-time goal.   ‘There...

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Don’t let the flea trainers get you?

Posted on 7th June 2017

What is Normal?  Whatever it is, keep away from it, don’t let it get you! In the 1990’s we had learned and gained the ability to be flexible with the attitude of ‘The answer is yes, now what is the question?  That meant that when customers said ‘can you…?...

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Having Fun Making Money

Posted on 25th April 2017

I often felt I should be dressed up as a clown to go to work, as my world consists of juggling balls, verbally and mentally spinning plates. If you have ever been to a circus you will have certainly seen the clowns juggling balls and spinning plates. Both come...

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This One Made Us Millions – Ek Pialla Garam Chaar

Posted on 21st April 2017

‘One cup of hot tea’ my dad told us this when we first started in business. This one sentence, once implemented, made us millions of pounds. When dad was in India the shopkeepers used to invite people in and then ask if they would like a cup of tea....

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For years I have asked people to answer this question in 5 seconds…..

Posted on 12th April 2017

Which one would you pick? 1 million pounds cash right now, or 1p today and doubled every day for 31 days? Just so you understand, without any doubt; on the first day I would give you 1 penny, the next day 2, the next 4, the next 8, and so on. On the...

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Marville born on 24 September 1979

Posted on 11th April 2017

Four years after we had started the Window Cleaning business and three years after the Decorating and Property business, the name Wrightway Decorating and Property Maintenance wasn’t conducive to what we were doing. If we were going to concentrate on buying and selling houses, along with building a large...

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Life is a Journey and a Series of If’s

Posted on 3rd April 2017

If I was good at spelling I would have stayed in one of the jobs that I had previously had.  If the government had given me enough money I would have stayed on the dole.  If I could have sold my house before going self-employed I would have had...

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Don’t let your financial fears ruin your future?

Posted on 28th March 2017

It can be very hard for most people to go and risk all of their money. I suppose I had never had any real money in my hands; it was always tied up in assets, and living in a 10 ft caravan was always a standard. There are people...

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I Mentally Treated my Business as a Game

Posted on 23rd March 2017

I mentally treated my business as a game; a competition with imaginary players all competing against me. Losing wasn’t an option. If life was harder, it would be easier to make the sacrifices needed to become rich. Security was my number one priority so all decisions were made with...

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Use the KISS Principle, Keep it Simple!

Posted on 22nd March 2017

‘Keep it Simple!’ This saying is a classic that’s been around forever, and why? Because it’s true – there are lots of complicated things in life and the simpler you can make a business, the better the chances are that it will be around for a long time, and...

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Passion. Is it Addictive?

Posted on 10th March 2017

Both my businesses were built with passion, enthusiasm and focus, which is highly attractive when people are associated with it, whether it’s through employment or supplying goods and services and, at the same time, it is addictive for the owners, but with lots of consequences along the way. I...

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Have you Bought or Sold your Business Today?

Posted on 7th March 2017

Very early on in business I learned that you are either buying your business or selling your business, every day. So, at the end of every day I would ask myself, Have you bought, or sold your business today? In other words, has what I have done today increased...

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Mad, Foolish or Dreamers?

Posted on 1st March 2017

Were we mad, foolish, or just two more dreamers? Actually, I think we were all of those things; mad because we had never had any experience of business whatsoever; foolish, because we had no money at all, nothing that we could lay our hands-on and yes, we were definitely...

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Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge

Posted on 28th February 2017

Up to 1974 I had walked in to jobs; it was easy, but then the economy changed, the world had changed, a recession was upon us. At this time in my life my attitude was all over the place – ‘life is not fair’. Not only that, I wanted a...

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Can or Can’t, Positive and Negative!

Posted on 27th February 2017

“Can or Can’t, Positive or Negative!” During my life I’ve learned a lot from listening to Zig Ziglar motivational tapes, so much so that I’ve listened to them until I wore them out, and when I did, I bought some more. Zig said: describe a ‘can’t’. You can’t. Now...

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Don’t Be A Mental Loafer, Neville

Posted on 24th February 2017

I told myself not to be a mental loafer, not even for one moment; so, when people came to work with us my thoughts were that, if they leave, they should go with more knowledge than they came with. Then, I was happy because they had taken notice and...

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Mind over Matter or Does it mean Determination?

Posted on 22nd February 2017

Mind over Matter….. I found out only after we became millionaires in the 80’s that the only way we did it was because we got off our backsides and did something, anything that we were capable of, then some more, ‘every hour of every day’ Keeping our eyes and...

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Dreams or Goals – What’s the difference?

Posted on 18th February 2017

Dreams or Goals? Another one of our dreams was to be financially independent and free of all debts, something that we really did not believe could happen to us. How could it? We had no right to even think like that. That kind of thinking is common in people...

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Don’t Let Yourself Down!

Posted on 17th February 2017

Don’t Let Yourself Down! I believe that when people are young and full of energy they must work every hour they can regardless of the amount of reward they get. There are lots of people who would dispute this – ‘why should I work for a pittance?’  My answer...

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