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What is the difference between a Mentor and a Coach?

The difference lies mainly in what you are trying to achieve and the time scale.

The coach will tell you and show you how to push yourself to win.  The mentor will ask questions, advise you and encourage you to think. A combination of the 2 will give you the best of both worlds.

The coach

seeks either to build someone’s confidence or teach them the skills or knowledge so they can achieve something

is often (but not always) an expert or specialist in the skills that the coachee wants to learn

is mainly concerned with the short or medium term improvement of performance and development of skills

has a professional commitment to the relationship, and usually has a salary

The mentor 

will provide longer term personal development

provides job or career advice and support, based on the wisdom they have gained through experience

is an expert in helping someone to learn, helping them to reflect and to make decisions for themselves

makes a personal and professional commitment to a learner’s success. The mentors work is his life

is mainly concerned with the longer term acquisition of skills and attitudes in a developing career

The student

must be willing to listen and act upon suggestions or instructions

must not reject help or say it’s wrong

don’t waste your Mentors/Coach’s time or your own, every second counts

if you’re not interested in some parts…… make yourself interested


what is the difference between a mentor and a coachMohammed Ali, World champion fighter, said ‘if I had not been a fighter and had been something else such as a garbage collector I would be the fastest garbage collector in the world. I would collect more garbage quicker than anybody else and I would do it before the other garbage collectors got out of bed’


Nothing is easy when the rewards are so great. Only about 4% of people succeed and only 0.5% will get to the top of their chosen career. That’s good news for you because 99.5% of the population would not let people like me with positive thinking into their head