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What are the benefits of having a Mentor or Coach?

Mentor or Coach - Neville Wright

You will increase your awareness of business, communication and life

Life skills

this is often left out when you mentor or coach but you must invest in yourself, both mentally and spiritually

without the feeling of well-being and serenity, it will make your goals harder to reach



a good mentor or coach will pass on detailed knowledge of their industry and business



contacts alone are worth their weight in gold, it will have taken many years to establish which you will not have instant access to


Supply chain understanding

understand how to treat and work with a supplier for a win-win outcome



a good mentor or coach will provide you with a clear vision and goal


Working in unison

working with a mentor or coach means you are not alone. Often people feel as though they are up against the world and they are alone in business



understand how to save money and learn where you can reduce the costs


Improve your performance

learn how to increase your performance and optimise your time. Get it right the first time and find the right solution to what you want to achieve


Understand your business situation

get an honest opinion on the status of your business and how you want to grow


Business start-up advice

start with the end in mind and be aware that as your business grows you will need to have an overview of the different departments whether it be accounting, buying, selling, locality etc.

divide them all into manageable small steps, prioritise, start and don’t stop!