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Book Reviews

A great read a real story of rags to riches

What a great story of a family who not only worked hard,but,took the occasional risk and were never afraid to “muck in” and get their hands dirty.  I am a great reader and this is one of only a very few books I found difficult to put down.I Find it hard to believe this is the first book, I look forward to the next.  Well done Neville Wright.  

How one man worked around his dyslexia to achieve life-time goals

This book demonstrates a journey how one man worked around his dyslexia to achieve his life-time goals. Someone who encouraged innovation, determination and passion for everything. A true account of a successful, ambitious entrepeneur with courage, but above all else a family man.  

Essential Reading for All Entrepreneurs…

Essential reading for anyone looking to start a business, simply looking for a job or running a business of any size this book is an essential read. I couldn’t put the book down. The book is all genuinely written by the author and it is full of all the advice you need about the attitude, survival instincts and drive needed to succeed in life as well as business and delivers everything in a very human way. You get a rare, detailed and very personal insight into the ups and downs of building an empire over 40 years from scratch. The real life personal and business struggles of probably one of the most successful husband and wife entrepreneur teams ever, almost have you in tears and then have you laughing when they come out smelling of roses. The book also demonstrates how a government jobs worth persecutes the heroes of this country for money and how such elements are totally unwelcome in the real world. Neville also shares his many business and investment secrets and amongst the many lessons he provides, he puts emphasis on his success being down to looking after the customer, which many businesses overlook. After Kiddicare was sold by the Wrights for millions, it quickly crashed, quite simply because the golden geese were dispensed with, you can feel the frustration and pain in the words. As I said a very human and true story of survival and success in every way, essential reading for all entrepreneurs.  Jonathan Nugent, MD at Arbicon, Chartered Quantity Surveyors.

The Answer is…. read this book

This is a very interesting read, quirky and honest with a nice touch in self deprecation. Packed full of practical tips on how to take control and be successful and removes the excuses that most people put in the way of making it and being happy.  All from a self made man who knows the value of family and friendships.  

Inspiring and fascinating – well worth reading

An enjoyable and interesting read. It’s not my usual choice of read but I found the details of how Neville Wright and his wife made the most of every opportunity and their attitude to business inspiring. A valuable read for those starting out and those who might think that they can sit back and relax and let their business run. Many valuable lessons in here.  

Real life, down to earth success

A great story from a man who merged property and business and started at the very bottom. Very down to earth reading and full of practical advice on business and life. Overcame adversity and turned the challenges into success and we get to watch the whole journey as if we were there in the book.