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Kiddicare was set up in 1977 by my wife Marilyn and I, our dream at the time was to work together despite our diverse professions of building and hairdressing.

The solution was to purchase a two-up two-down house which could double up as an office and shop.  A seed was planted – Rainbow Warehouse | 1229 Bourges Boulevard.  By day we worked on our properties; in the evenings we bought second-hand prams.

Rainbow-Warehouse Rainbow steadily grew until 1979 when we sold the business, along with the premises, as a going concern.  By now we needed to expand and we needed a new name for our business. We relocated to Orton Centre in Peterborough and Kiddicare was created.


Werington shop

In the 1980’s we had opened 3 shops.  By the late 1990s, with the rise in internet shopping, we had another moment of inspiration when we launched expanding we quickly became an industry-lead retailer by delivering the Best Online Shopping experience and the Best Customer service experience, offering competitive prices accompanied by a commitment to deliver within 36 hours.

By 2001 our business was going crazy and we needed to expand once again.


Kiddicare Lincoln Road We opened our fifth shop in Werrington, adjacent to Mancetter Square in 2002.   By 2004 the business was moving along at a rapid pace, a new website had been built and a vast amount of products were being despatched out of the 20,000 sq ft warehouse.  We had a great system but not enough warehouse space.

Kiddicare Cygnet Park

We finally relocated in 2006 to 160,000 sq ft of retail and warehouse premises in Hampton, where our head office and online distribution centre was based.

During those 34 years, the business had grown and changed every day, with a turnover exceeding over £40 million in 2010.

In 2011 Kiddicare was eventually sold to Wm Morrisons PLC for £70 million, a world record for an independent baby nursery shop.