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Use the KISS Principle, Keep it Simple!

‘Keep it Simple!’ This saying is a classic that’s been around forever, and why? Because it’s true – there are lots of complicated things in life and the simpler you can make a business, the better the chances are that it will be around for a long time, and the more valuable it will get.

When it does get valuable don’t be afraid to capitalise on your hard work. I was always aware of this trap. Very often people will work all of their lives and close the business without having thought about selling it. So, if you want to capitalize on your hard work in the future, a strategy needs to be implemented, a 5-10 year plan beforehand so you can sell and then maintain your lifestyle until you pop your clogs.

The 4th letter and word of ‘keep it simple’ is ‘S’ and I am an expert on this😊

The Last ‘S’ is for Stupid!

– an extract from my book, page 73