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Don’t Be A Mental Loafer, Neville

I told myself not to be a mental loafer, not even for one moment; so, when people came to work with us my thoughts were that, if they leave, they should go with more knowledge than they came with. Then, I was happy because they had taken notice and been of use to both the company and themselves but, if they left with no more knowledge than they came with, I blamed myself for not inspiring them enough to learn more.

I think the responsibility of Management is to provide a safe and secure job for their workers by helping them create a working environment and life of stress-free happiness, although it’s seldom achieved in the ever-changing competitive world of today; but that must be the aim and, although our business seemed to change every day, it was always with the thought of these principles, striving to make a better place to work in.

I can hear some people saying, ‘what a load of old ????’, but there you are, staff didn’t know everything that we were thinking in our hearts and heads.