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Podcast 012# Property Matters Michelle Niziol Interviews Neville Wright

Michelle, most famously known for her Season 12 debut The Apprentice, is an award-winning property investment expert and host of the successful podcast Niziol Bespoke Property Matters.

Michelle owns and manages the IMS Property Group and Michelle Niziol Limited a group of five property investment and management companies in Oxfordshire.  All of which strive to achieve one goal; to help clients achieve their property dreams.

Michelle loves property and working with people.  As Michelle says ‘freeing them from the financial stresses that many in today’s economy find themselves in’. Niziol Bespoke Property Matters podcast is the UK’s top source of property tips for landlords, property professionals and institutional investors.  An opportunity to learn top industry strategies and insights for property owners to manage and grow their portfolio while avoiding the pitfalls that can lead to profit losses.

In today’s episode we discussed my journey from a self-employed window cleaner to owner of a multi-million pound investment portfolio, as well as delving into some of my top strategies for making the most out of your UK property investments during turbulent times

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