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12 ways to succeed in 2018

12 Ways to Succeed in 2018

You are either going forwards or backwards in life. In 2018 constantly drive your mind to always go forward

I found that the only way to go forward was for me to get off my backside and do something, anything that I was capable of doing see page 17


Set goals – big ones, small ones, short-term, long-term, minute to minute – even up to 50 years

All successful people have goals it’s so easy to do, so why is it that most people ignore the basics – see page 72


Decide to love what you are doing – whatever you have to do in life love doing it – you will find amazing opportunities will come your way

Whatever you do in life never become complacent and never take anyone for grantedsee page 228


In 2018 have more pride in what you do – more than you have ever had before in your life

My Dad my hero.  He taught me to have pride in everything that I dosee page 55


Do a lot more than you get paid to do eventually you will get a lot more for what you do

To receive more I had to motivate myself to do more and when I did more that motivated me to have morepage 22


Learn a great deal more in 2018 about what you want to be, do, and have, in fact, make it more than you have learned in the last 5 years

I told myself not to be a mental loafer all of my life, not even for one minute see page 27


If you do the same thing today as you did yesterday you will get the same results – if you want different results, change what you are doing

You and business should change every day, it just does, so embrace it see page 171


Listen more to others, you may already know what they are telling you but one day you won’t and that’s when you can make a fortune

Read and listen to non-fiction books, motivational speakers, find a mentor and you must take it in see page 99 


Take a lot more responsibility, in-fact, you are responsible for everything in your life

Once I became responsible for my family I had a paradigm shiftsee page 25


In 2018 focus more on what you desire – in every aspect of your life

Focus on what you can do today that will build passive income in the future – see page 155


Become more aware of time, everyone has the same amount of it, don’t waste it as once it’s gone it’s gone

 I must do the most productive thing possible at every given momentsee page 26


Don’t procrastinate in 2018, don’t wait until all the lights are on green before heading for town this year

 Just get on and do it, yes, do it nowsee page 240


Extracts from The Answer is Yes Now What is the Question by Neville Wright